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What magnet magnetic table is, the higher the table magnetism more okay

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Many people say that the magnet and the magnet magnetic magnetic table number, specifically, the magnet and the magnet magnetic magnetic table is what the concept, there is how to define it, and the impact of the relationship between those two?


      First, define the table magnetism: magnetic means presented in Table magnetization surface of the magnet, the magnet surface out of the table once the data is in itself a magnet data measurement tools reflect, as each sensor measurement tools is not necessarily accurate, so Table magnet magnetic products did not issue a certain specification, the most common is to enlarge the tolerance range of the data, or directly to the requirements according to their own products, after all, just impressive performance data.


      General measuring magnet magnetic measurement tool table use Gauss meter, also called Tesla. However, because each manufacturer's products did a particular standard, but also because of the Hall sensor element gauss meter on not the same, different Hall induction intensity, the measured magnetic tables are not the same, the easiest way who, with a product, we use domestically gauss meter to measure, if the measured magnetic intensity table is 3000GS, (GS: Table magnetic units) and replaced Japan gauss meter to measure it, because Gauss meter on Huo quality sensing element Seoul, Japan gauss meter table as measured magnetic higher around approximately 200GS. Therefore, a product, if the light watch magnetism issue, the magnet can not judge the product is good or bad.


       And we said magnetic, usually refers to can pick up the nature of iron, cobalt, nickel and other substances known as magnetism, we can make a little experiment to verify the magnetic presence:


      1. The magnet into iron (or pin), and then take it out, the magnet can attract iron filings (or pin) as shown in Figure 3.22-1.


      2. Magnet across certain substances (such as wood, glass) into iron (or pins), the magnet is still iron absorption phenomenon.


      3. The magnet into sawdust or copper (powder) within. Magnet can not suck up sawdust or copper.


     From the above it can be seen a small experiment, the magnetic intensity can pick up more of the pin, if the magnetic weak, then surely starting to attract the pin on the smaller. If we use the gauss meter to measure these two magnets, then the result must be sucked up more magnet surface magnetic pin must be high, indicating a problem, of course, is the stronger magnetic magnet, the more magnetic energy product tall, make a simple example, we likened the magnetic water, like a bucket, filled a bucket of water the same magnetic intensity than the bottled water weight weak magnetic barrel weight, why would re only It is able to explain the strong magnetic density than the bucket of a bucket of water, a weak magnetic density.


    Not difficult to see, magnetic, magnetic, magnetic table these jargon we often say, the relationship between its internal involves many physical properties of the magnet, with a specification of the product, perhaps because of different magnetic energy product is different, here to Affirming that the table does not mean magnetic magnetic



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