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What are the advantages of ferrite magnets?

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Ferrite magnet is a ferromagnetic metal oxide. On the electrical characteristics, the ferrite resistivity than metal, alloy magnetic material is much greater, but also a higher dielectric properties. Magnetic ferrite can also have a higher performance at high frequency permeability. Thus, a wide range of high-frequency ferrite has become weak areas of use of non-metallic material. Belonging to the non-metallic magnetic material is iron oxide and other oxides of one or more metal composite oxide (positive or ferrite). 800-1000 Gauss magnetic force generally, often used in speakers, speakers and other equipment.


NdFeB magnets are the advantages of cost-effective, with good mechanical properties; downside is that the Curie temperature low point, the temperature characteristics are poor, and easy-powder corrosion, so it must be adjusted to take its chemical composition and surface treatment method improvements to meet the requirements of practical application. NdFeB is the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet materials, small size, light weight and strong magnetic features, is currently the best price-performance magnet, the magnetic circles known as Magneto. The advantages of high energy density make NdFeB been widely used in modern industrial and electronic technology. In the state of bare magnetic, magnetic can reach 3,500 gauss.



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