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Applications NdFeB magnets have?

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NdFeB magnets can be widely used in motors, engines, voice coil motors, magnetic resonance imaging, communications, control instruments, sound equipment.


Electro-acoustic sound 32%, the magnetization is 21%, 31% of motors and sensors, magnetic coupling and magnetic separator (9%), the voice coil motor and electric meter accounted for 5%, other 2%.


Its main areas of application are VCM (voice coil motor), the current foreign produce about half of sintered NdFeB magnets for VCM. In addition to VCM, the application of more areas are motors and generators, along with the development of the automobile industry, the future demand for NdFeB magnets in this area will have a larger growth. Rare earth permanent magnet motor market potential is huge field is not yet fully developed. Currently, about two million rare earth permanent magnet motor kW, equivalent to only a total capacity of 400 million kW various types of motors of 0.5%. If the alternative 50% old J-JO and J2-JO2 series motors with rare earth efficient electrical section, namely 100 million kW, high performance sintered NdFeB magnets are about 50,000 tons. Efficient use of rare earth permanent magnet motor energy savings of 15% to 20%, 20% or more to reduce the weight of the motor. Efficient rare earth permanent magnet motor has been listed as the Ministry of Science "Application of Rare Earth Project" key projects.



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